Join NEX.
We can build something better, together.

It’s a new way to work. Sure, we’re a shared workspace, but we’re different.

We’re in this together.
Our workspace is a place to call home, a supportive community and a fun way to expand your professional network. We’ve stripped away the status quo to start fresh with a bigger, bolder vision of how good business is built with people and community.

We want you for the long-term, to grow our businesses together and share the success. Our programs are built for active engagement. We’re building something different and want you to be a part of it.

Help us shape the vision.
At NEX every member has the power to affect how we work. People learn quickly through shared experience and by DOING! You can:

  • Check us Out -Learn about entrepreneurial thinking, startups, good business, design process, social enterprise and more by hearing & doing at an event!
  • Join the workspace and say hello to your desk neighbor.
  • Think Different / Field Trip -Bring your team for an off-site meeting and treat them to a change of scenery. Ask about our workshops built to kick the day off right!
  • Put Your Left Foot In! Sponsor an event, apply to be a mentor or be an organizational member. We want to connect our community.
  • Get Advice from our network of awesome mentors – available to cowork members.
  • Go Big or Go Home! We’re expanding – come with us.

Get started NOW. When our community grows, we can build more opportunities for you & your business. Let’s get better, together!